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Sweet treats in San Francisco at Charles Chocolates

Leave it to my friend Sara to discover a business that specializes in fancy chocolates. One day, when we decided to take a break from ice cream (and by take a break I mean save for later in the day) we headed to Charles Chocolates.

Now, I like chocolate, but I wouldn’t say I’m as obsessed with chocolate as many women seem to be. However, if the chocolate is truly amazing, I will gorge myself until I feel physically ill. I’m not really a middle-ground kind of girl, I suppose.

The main reason we went to this place was to try their hot chocolate. I know what you’re thinking. Hot Chocolate? Who makes a special trip just for hot chocolate? It’s hot water and some cocoa powder, what’s the big deal? Well, to all you haters, let me just tell you something:

I wanted to live in a vat of this hot chocolate

Well, ok, maybe not live in, that would probably be rather sticky and hot. Perhaps that was a slight exaggeration. The point is, this was, hands down, the best hot chocolate I have ever consumed.

Again, you’re thinking, is the best hot chocolate really something to brag about?

And again, I’m calling you out on your hot chocolate hating and telling you, yes, yes it is. This hot chocolate was so good, that if you gave it to a mountain climber on their last leg of their Mount Everest trek, I’m pretty sure they’d practically skip to the top.

Okay, maybe that’s a little much, but still

There were two flavors to choose from, Classic Bittersweet and Caramelized Cinnamon. I branched out and went for the Caramelized Cinnamon while Sara went for the classic. They were both incredible and had the potential to energize a mountain climber, or maybe just seriously satisfy a chocolate craving.

Charles Chocolate hot chocolate

Charles Chocolate hot chocolate in San Francisco

The employee explained to us that the reason the hot chocolate was so rich, creamy, and delicious was that they did not make it into a powder. What we were drinking was actually a chocolate bar melted down and mixed with milk. She showed us two glass machines that constantly churned, keeping the hot chocolate at just the right temperature to remain a piping hot, chocolate delight without ever burning or solidifying.

I heard you liked chocolate, so I got you some chocolate for your chocolate

In case the best hot chocolate of your life is not enough, this chocolate shop carries a variety of artesian treats as well. While I sipped on my drink, I sampled triple chocolate almonds and a salty-sweet cashew chocolate bar. They carried so many different unique chocolate bars that while walking through the shop I couldn’t help but think that this was an upscale Willy Wonka factory.



How to Find it

Charles Chocolates is located at:

535 Florida Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

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