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Buenos Aires is Poetry in Motion

Photo by P. Jama

I doubt many of you know this about me, but I started writing because of poetry. In fact, I used to write only poetry. It occurred to me how strange it is that I write for this site several times a week, but I never post any poetry. I guess it rarely fits into the whole travel theme. Well, I have decided to share a poem I recently wrote about Buenos Aires. I do wish my poetry debut on Indecisive Traveler could be one of my old favorites, but this one fits the theme. Enjoy.


Buildings standing tall against the night sky

Lights flickering on and off

A rusty machine with dangerous mechanisms

Caution: Keep hands free of moving parts

But everything is moving

This city breathes with the lungs of a seasoned smoker

Coughing, wheezing

Blowing smoke into your sleep-deprived eyes

The energy pulses through the filthy streets

Dangerous and irresponsible

So much like a forbidden lover

Far too tempting to deny

The constant flow of noise like blood in a vein

Flowing to the throbbing heart of this perilous place

This city; so alive, so conflicted

Both reckless and beautiful

Rease is a US citizen who fled the Midwest in favor of ex-pat life in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is bilingual and is very capable of cussing you out in Spanish. She loves gaining and sharing knowledge of local cultures, customs and adventure, and she especially loves getting sassy with anyone who gets in her way. Her favorite place in the world is any artisan ice cream shop in Argentina.

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