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Snapchat: Give Me 10 Seconds, I’ll Show You the World

When I first heard about Snapchat, I figured it was just a stupid app for tweens, something along the lines of kik but with more sexting. I ignored it and had no intention of using it until my friend, Ellen, convinced me to give it a shot. Ellen doesn’t have a Twitter or an Instagram, so it was pretty strange… Continue reading

A Day in Cartagena, Colombia

As much as I would have loved to spend more time in Cartagena, I ended up only getting 24 hours, arriving around 4pm by bus on one day and flying out at 4pm the next. Obviously, my tourism was limited by both time and travel exhaustion, as this was the end of my trip, but I still managed to see… Continue reading

Why I Don’t Take Vacations From Fitness

A lot of people completely forgo fitness routines while traveling and just go into “Vacation Mode,” which is totally fine. I, however, very rarely take a vacation from fitness. No matter where I am, I’m working out, and I’ve got some solid reasons.

there My metabolism makes no sense

I’ve always known that my metabolism wasn’t great, but I was… Continue reading