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Why I Don’t Take Vacations From Fitness

A lot of people completely forgo fitness routines while traveling and just go into “Vacation Mode,” which is totally fine. I, however, very rarely take a vacation from fitness. No matter where I am, I’m working out, and I’ve got some solid reasons.


1. My metabolism makes no sense

I’ve always known that my metabolism wasn’t great, but I was… Continue reading

Where to Hang Out with Sloths in Costa Rica

I did literally zero research before going to Costa Rica. In my defense, my friend Iris, a food writer, contacted me only a few days before she was set to arrive. She explained that her original travel companion had bailed on her and asked if I would by chance be available to meet her in Costa Rica in… Continue reading

Traveling through the Puerto Rico Airport During the Holidays

I fly through the San Juan, Puerto Rico airport fairly often, and it’s always a hilarious, albeit frustrating, adventure. However, flying through a Puerto Rico airport during the holidays takes it to an entirely different level.

Traveling through a Puerto Rican Airport During the Holidays

Why is this Puerto Rico airport so crazy?

There are 3.5 million people on the tiny island of Puerto Rico. There are close to… Continue reading