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Rainforest Chocolate Tour in Costa Rica

Let’s take a quick break from posts about Iceland and talk about my completely spontaneous trip to Costa Rica.
When I got back from Iceland on September 16th, I told myself I was going to hang out at home for a little while. However, a few days later, my friend Iris asked me if I could join her in Costa… Continue reading

Jökulsarlón Glacial Lagoon

Continuing Day 2 of the Highlights of Iceland road trip, aka Glacier Day!

Next Stop: Jökulsarlón Glacial Lagoon

Iceland Ring Road (1)

Jökulsarlón Glacial Lagoon is set at sea level, so the tide rolls right up onto the beach. Pieces of ice are always breaking off the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier and being pushed onto the black sand beach. There are several boat tours to take… Continue reading

From Blow Outs to Passing Out: A Day on Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street is an iconic place. You can’t visit the New Orleans French Quarter without hitting up Bourbon Street and experiencing all it has to offer. Of course, like any party destination, it has its ups and downs, especially for someone past their under-grad crazy co-ed stage of life.

So here it is, from blow outs to passing out,

A… Continue reading