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Best Bookstores in New Orleans French Quarter

I never thought New Orleans would be a heaven for a booknerd, but I could not have been more wrong. Just outside the drunken streets full of bright colors, loud noises, and partying, there is a treasure trove of new and used books just waiting to weigh down your suitcase.

After New Orleans, I made a pact with myself to… Continue reading

Healthy Options in the French Quarter

The French Quarter is not a place known for its healthy choices, whether it be for food, drink, or general life decisions. But for those of you past the age of 21 spending more than a couple days in the French Quarter, you’ll probably want to take a little break from all the sugary drinks, carb-loaded beer, and questionable pizza… Continue reading

Everybody Pukes: A Tale of Two Cities

I could write so many beautiful and eloquent essays about the differences and similarities between the two big cities of New York and London, but I honestly think these tales of people vomiting illustrate the differences pretty damn well.

Everybody Pukes: A Tale of Two Cities


While standing in a London train station, I heard a strange sound. I looked around and realized a man was… Continue reading